Activities and crafts for 60 Bible stories


Almost 400 pages of activities, coloring, game ideas, arts and crafts.

Each of the 60 Bible story topics include:
• Teacher’s guide with ideas for games and discussion questions.
• Coloring page.
• Activity page.
• Paper craft activity.

Suggested for ages 4-7.



Includes content for Bible stories:

God Makes the World (Creation)
The First Sin (Adam and Eve)
Following God (Noah’s Ark)
The Tall Tower (Babel)
Abraham Relies on God
Waiting for a Baby (Abraham and
A Wife for Isaac (Rebekah)
Jacob Cheats (Jacob and Esau)
A Special Dream (Jacob)
A Colorful Coat (Joseph)
A Helpful Sister (Myriam)
Crossing the Sea (Moses)
God’s Ten Commandments (Moses)
A Noisy Battle (Joshua)
A Woman Goes to Battle (Deborah)
A Crazy Idea (Gideon)
The Strongest Man Ever (Samson)
Gathering Wheat (Ruth)
Praises to God (Hannah)
Take Time to Listen (Samuel)
A Shepherd Boy (David)
Facing a Giant (David and Goliath)
Songs to God (Kind David)
A Very Wise King (Solomon)
A Temple for God (Solomon)
The Feeding Birds (Elijah)
A Widow in Need (Elijah)
Seven Baths (Naaman)
A Wee Little King (Joash)
Three Brave Men (Fiery Furnace)
Surrounded by Lions (Daniel)
Rebuilding the Walls (Nehemiah)
Queenly Beauty (Esther)
Into the Fish’s Belly (Jonah)
The King is Born
Kingly Gifts (Wisemen)
At the Temple
Talk about Jesus (John the Baptist)
Jesus picks His Disciples
Hanging Out With Jesus
Water to Wine Miracle
Jesus Calms the Storm
Doctor Jesus (Little Girl Back to life) 114,116
Is That a Bird? (Blind Man Healed)
Lost and Found (Parable of Lost Sheep)
Friends help out (The Paralyzed Man)
A Boy Shares his Lunch
Stop and Listen (Mary and Martha)
A Wounded Traveller (Good Samaritan)
The Party Boy (Prodigal Son)
A Thankful Return
A Changed Man (Zacchaeus)
Into Jerusalem
Not Just a Snack (Communion)
Jesus on the Cross
He is Risen
Jesus Goes to Heaven
Flames of Fire (Holy Spirit)
Good News to All
Heaven to Come (John’s Visions)


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